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Large Low-speed Rotary Bearing Fault Detection

2018-08-28 21:00:04

There are a lot of testing techniques for slewing bearing barrier,mainly including vibration detection, iron spectrum analysis and light spectrum analysis.

However,the straight diameter of the shaft bearing reaches 5.4m, the rotation speed is gr /m I n, the rotation frequency of the rolling body is lower than that of 1 H z. The inner and outer ring of the shaft bearing and the characteristic frequency of the rolling body can not be collected through the common speedup sensor, and the lateral dynamic test square is not suitable for the diagnosis of the fault of the shaft bearing.And iron spectrum and light spectrum detection technology can pass through the sampling points, grease the wear state of slewing bearing, diagnostic axis bearing is disabled, for slewing bearing for further technology in accordance with the repairs According to the shaft bearing type belongs to the low speed heavy load, by using the extreme pressure 1 file matrix embellish smooth, embellish grease viscosity is relatively large, poor flow dynamic and its in the grinding damage of micro particle distribution is very uneven, to overcome the grinding in the grease samplesThe appearance of uneven distribution of grain distribution, in addition to the number of added lipids, also correct

Three iron spectra were made for each lipid sample and three primary emission optical subdivisions were conducted to separate the oil samples from the old shantou in the inner and outer ring of the shaft bearing.